"When our daughter, Willow, was born in June of last year we were beside ourselves with joy.

We had plans to load up the RV and take her back east to see our families. I had anticipated taking a month or two off work and then getting back at it when Willow was a little further down the line.

She was born on June 10th and within three weeks we became well aware that we had a problem. Shortly after, everything in our lives came screeching to a halt.

Willow was diagnosed with severe colic, she was tongue tied, and suffering from reflux. She was up screaming 12 hours a day, like I’d never heard a baby scream. The only way to get her to calm down for a nap was to bounce on a yoga ball with a hair dryer running at full to drown out her screeches. She stopped breastfeeding, stopped gaining weight, and had to be put on medication for her reflux.

To say the least, we were at rock bottom.

We were driving back and forth an hour and a half away to see doctors at the Children’s Hospital that couldn’t give us any support or basic advice. We tried taking her to get cranial sacral massages to alleviate some of her discomfort, but the doctor could never get her to calm down enough to get her hands on her. So, we were completely lost.

When I finally turned to Maryanne we were three months into the colic. Being in the pits of hell, she was the one person I could turn to for proactive advice. She helped with many of the troubles we were having: with Willow's reflux medication hurting her stomach and losing effectiveness, her refusing to eat, breastfeeding issues, the developmental stages she was going through, and minor things like appropriate bed time and teething issues.

In all, my wife and I took 10 months off of life and stayed with our daughter night and day. Maryanne was with us the whole time. If I sent her a message, I would get a response within an hour. If I was hitting rock bottom, she was available for conference calls. Maryanne was the steady voice of reason with all of the knowledge and experience to back it up. I can’t thank her enough."

Steve and Lindsey


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