Some tried and tested ways to calm your fussy baby include: Swaddling, Swaying, Sucking, and Shushing describe by Dr. Harvey Karp. In this regard, here are 10 products including my Supplemental Stuff.

Swaddling and Swaying

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit

Many parents gave high praise about the Magic Merlin Sleep suit as they recommended it for the list. Due to its immense value, this product has won several awards. Asides from its transitioning from a bassinet to a bigger crib, it also eliminates the need for blankets, which makes it multi-valuable. A mother of four who is also an expert pediatric physical therapist developed it.

Check out Magic Merlin

Moby wrap

I carried my babies close to me as much as I could. Parents swear by these wraps to help keep the baby close yet, allow you to move about your day. This unique product allows you to hold your babies closely while you tend to other activities. It has been recommended as one of the comfortable wraps, plus it is quite easy to use.

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Baby Tula

The Tula Carrier features two ways to carry your baby. You also have the option of facing the baby forward when he/she gets bigger. It is quite convenient as you can carry your baby and still tend to other things.

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My Brest Friend

Most mothers are new to breastfeeding as it is a learning process for first-time mothers and their babies. My Brest Friend helps your baby to be positioned correctly during breastfeeding. Unlike other products, this product provides a convenient back-support for the mother.

Check out My Brest Friend

Bottle feeding

Dr. Brown's

Occasionally, breastfeeding mothers feed their babies with bottles too. If you are concerned about gas for your bayb, you should consider using Dr. Brown’s Bottles as it decreases air swallowing during feeding, which also reduces hiccup tendencies.

Check out Dr. Brown's

Tommee Tippee 

Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-colic Bottle is an alternative bottle-feeding product for parents who are looking to reduce gas in their babies’ tummy. Parents also like the shape of this product and many parents have recommended it repeatedly.

Check out Tommee Tippee


Hatch Sound Machine

Many mom’s swear by using a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner to shush their babies. However, most parents affirm that the Hatch sound machine is quite essential.

Check out Hatch

White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds 

In a situation where a hairdryer or sound machine isn’t handy, you can resort to using some recommended sound apps that are poised at keeping your baby quiet. You can purchase these apps on your phone.

Check out Baby Sleep Sounds

Supplemental Stuff

Nose Frida

When children have stuffed up little noses, the rubber bulb syringe given to almost all newborns at hospitals has not been updated for decades. Parents and providers alike say that product significantly is better to help their babies breathe more clearly.

Check out Nose Frida

Frida Windi

This sibling product of Nose Frida is used rectally. In times past, parents used a rectal thermometer to relieve the gas pressure in babies’ tummy. This product is an upgrade as it creates extra comfort as compared to the then rectal thermometer.

Check out Frida Windi

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