Let me bring you peace of mind.

I build relationships and trust, gather accurate information, and lay it all out in front of you. 

Here are three options to assist you. 

The Healthy Child Consultation™

Finally, now is a time for all your concerns to be heard and your issues addressed. 
This consultation gives you: 
personalized, uninterrupted, expert consulting to get the information you need, right now to give you peace of mind.
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The Healthy Child Concierge Service™

This service is an exclusive, private service for selected parents who want a relationship with an expert providing you a direct line of access to contact me any time of day with your concerns and questions about your child’s health.

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The Healthy Child Concierge ProgramTM Coming Soon! 

This is a private online collaboration program for dedicated parents who want a more intimate community. The program includes:
  • The private Facebook community to ask questions of other parents, share your experience, and obtain professional guidance
  • The Healthy Child Wellness LibraryTM (12-month curriculum developed from your input as monthly masterclasses on child health topics.)
  • The HCC Visit Checklist for your appointment
  • Weekly live Q and A sessions
  • Expert guest speakers 
This program has more interaction and education given by Maryanne. Apply to see if you would be a good fit soon!

"Maryanne has an amazing work ethic and a wonderful and warm spirit. I have personally sought her insight in challenging cases and trust her counsel. Her guidance and insight for parents is invaluable."

Barbara Amakye, MD

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