The Healthy Child Consultation™

Here is a place for your concerns to be heard and your issues addressed. 

This consultation gives you uninterrupted, expert consulting to get specific, more in-depth information you need.
The healthcare system is NOT designed to address your concerns in detail.
Parents sometimes feel afraid and powerless at times not knowing what it the best thing to do for their child.
You spend hours searching the internet trying to find information to help you.


Now you have an advocate on your side!

You know your child best and want to partner with:
  • someone who cares and will listen to your concerns
  • an expert to help you understand what is happening
  • someone who will examine the multitude of information available, personalize it, and summarize it in a way you can use.
This is why I started this program. As a pediatric nurse practitioner in primary and urgent care for more than 20 years, I became more frustrated with not being able to spend more time to have a discussion with parents and fully hear and understand their needs and help give them the information they want.

What is included in the consultation?

Our time together is important to me. With this consult, we have the opportunity where I can better support you. I appreciate being able to provide in-depth health education and counseling.
The Healthy Child Concierge Consultation for the week includes:
  • A 45 minute video (or phone) conference
  • A written summary containing personalized research and evidence-based practices
  • 6 days of email support following our conference for follow up concerns.
Do you want to understand how your child’s physical and emotional development affects their health and how they deal with illness?
Do you want a professional to hear your concerns and direct you to information you can use, understand, and from which you can benefit?
Do you want a framework to advocate for your child with your primary care provider? 
This is the perfect solution for you.
$500 for the call, summary including personalized research, and continued 6 day email support.
*This consultation does not include diagnosis nor treatment. It is education intended to empower you to care for your child and work with your child's primary care provider.
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"Maryanne is an excellent resource for families as they try to navigate the complex health care system. Her knowledge base, her passion for education, and her compassion for her patients and their families shines in everything she does."

Susan Hoskins, APRN, MSN, CPNP
Clinical Lead Nurse Practitioner

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