My Story

Maryanne has 25 years of experience in pediatric primary and urgent care settings with families from multiple different cultures and backgrounds. She specializes in caring for infants and children in an elite hospital in the country, Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Practicing as a pediatric nurse practitioner, she became more frustrated with not being able to spend more time to have a discussion with parents and fully hear and understand their needs and give them the information they want. Her favorite part of practicing was having those relationships and sharing what she knows. This is why she created this business.

Additionally, she serves the LGBTQ community. As there is not enough representation and support for these families. 

She has the experience to know how to read, understand, assimilate, and translate research into information you can use. She is a proud alum of The Ohio State University and has taught nursing and nurse practitioner students there. She currently teaching students at Regis College in Boston. She speaks both Spanish and English and also works with the caregivers of your children. She is determined to give you the highest quality, evidence-based, tailored information to empower you to care for your child.

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