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You are your child's expert. And what if you had access to a parent coach and educator who is a medical expert that could sift through the health information on the internet, patiently hear your needs and concerns, and partner and work with you to raise a healthy child? 

Specializing in

  • Infant and toddler health
  • Colic and reflux
  • Expat and travel child health support
  • LBGTQ child health support

I am available to you when you need it.


"Shortly after our daughter, Willow, was born she was diagnosed with severe colic. We were seeing doctors that couldn’t give us any support or basic advice. I finally turned to Maryanne three months in and from then on, she was with us with the steady voice of reason and all of the knowledge and experience to back it up. I can’t thank her enough."

-Steve Grove, dad of Willow

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"While on vacation the in Hawaii my daughter started showing signs of croup. She gave me straight answers that I needed to make the best decision for taking care of our baby. Maryanne gave me the peace of mind I needed. She actually cares about you and your child and took the time to show that. "

Natalee Champlin
Mom of Three

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